// // About - Konstantin Dzjubei

Konstantin Dzjubei epitomizes integrity, hard work, energy and creative thinking in every component of your real estate transaction.

Born in Estonia, Konstantin is fluent in English & Russian. However, he dabbles in Polish & Ukrainian. He is currently learning Mandarin.

An athlete by nature, Konstantin is an avid snowboarder, skier and climber. He particularly loves heli-skiing in Canada's West Coast and abroad. His favorite memory is ice climbing glaciers and caves in Northern BC. His weakness is his affinity for cars and watches.

Raised in Toronto, Konstantin considers himself a connoisseur on the quirks and quarks of the city. Konstantin is passionate about the real estate opportunities and the diversity of neighborhoods that Toronto has to offer. With a background in business, marketing and customer service, Konstantin is uniquely able to bring ease and peace of mind to the complicated process of the real estate transaction. Konstantin and Bosley Real Estate Brokerage are thrilled to be working with you!